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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Alternative Uses for Internet Domain Names.

By Duane J. Higgins, ceo
Originally published on February 16, 2006. 

I originally wrote this proposal in 2006. (There is a copy of the proposal filed at the University of Maine Target Technology Incubator) in Orono, ME. This was a project that I was working that involved trying to develop alternative uses for Internet Domain names. Ill reprint the proposal as I wrote it. (Any added comments will be in blue.)

The basis of the project is the establishment of a private, secure, proprietary 1.) Domain Name Registry 2.) VOIP Communications and 3.) Mobile Platform Network that is a new use for existing technologies that will be widely adopted and allow for tight integration of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and DNS (Domain Name System) technologies. This will be a closed private network utilizing proprietary domain name system and registry technologies and proprietary mobile platform that will be VOIP enabled. The user will register their private "ecode." For example joejames.ecode (.ecode is the first level domain extension that is facilitated and managed through a private domain name registry through the Internet and download of the software "bundle" that provides for the convergence and facilitation of VOIP communication over the private DNS system. (at the time there were companies running private domain name registries such as Not sure if anyone is  still doing that. Nowadays you might call the names Non-Delegated TLDS.)

(ecode is a potential domain name extension to be used for this project. Other options could be .cell, .phone, .network, etc.) The domain name will be created and managed by a private domain name registry. Access is achieved by downloading software/bundle.

Rather than using telephone numbers, it will capitalize on a private .ecode (domain name) registry that provides a proprietary/private domain extension. The user will select an alpha numeric (ecode) that will be the users "ecode" that will replace the telephone number and be used on the private secure network. The ecode is actually the second level domain name or Internet domain name. The user will be able to select their own personalized ecode that will ultimately become as popular as email addresses and telephone numbers. The proprietary mobile platform and domain name registry (with proprietary extension) will also be available for license to cellphone/mobile providers.

Benefits to users:

Users will be able to order an "ecode enabled", VOIP enabled mobile phone that will allow them unlimited time and usage with other "ecode members."

Network membership will allow VOIP capability through several channels to other members (they will need to have an ecode account and be enabled through the bundled/downloaded software. Members can communicate mobile to mobile, PC to PC, PC to Mobile, Mobile to PC, VOIP enabled phone to PC, PC to VOIP enabled phone, VOIP enabled phone to mobile phone, mobile phone to VOIP enabled phone.

Access to the corporate website and web services that are available with membership (i.e. personalized website, news, sports, weather, email, stocks, music and video downloads, blogs, shopping, chatting, messenging and VOIP communications capability with other members.)

Each member will have a personalized ecode that they only give out to other members and you can control who you accept calls from.

New applications will arise as technology matures.

How does the consumer engage the service:

Go to corporate website and register an ecode. Register and download the VOIP enabled software that is bundled with the ecode private domain name. Order an ecode enabled phone or utilize the VOIP capability over the Internet. (you dont need a phone). Your ecode will also allow you to access online features that are included with membership.

Keys to projects success:

Establish proprietary interest regarding the convergence of The DNS system and the VOIP network. Domain registry software and mobile platform will enable the convergence. The Infrastructure of the Internet is already there to support the proposed technology.

Partner with existing domain name registry. (i.e. to establish a proprietary domain top level extension and proprietary registry. (or create a proprietary registry).

Partner with existing cellphone company to develop and produce a VOIP enabled (branded) mobile phone that is based on our proprietary VOIP enabled, ecode based, mobile phone platform.

First mover advantage:

Piggyback existing technologies and research (i.e. VOIP, DNS/Internet Protocol Network, ENUM Protocols)

Overcome regulatory issues ( i.e. FTC and FCC) along with world governing bodies).. However many of these issues have been addressed in ENUM protocols.

Target market/potential:

Currently, one billion cellphone purchases/year. Internet usage and mobile phone usage growing rapidly.

Marketing advantages:

Users will purchase cellphone and then recruit/encourage family/friends/contacts to purchase product and join ecode network.

Duane J Higgins, president

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