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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Digital Tagline Signature

By Duane J. Higgins and

Everyone has email. If you are reading this blog you very likely do. Many email programs including the most popular ones allow you to create a signature to use with your email message or even to create a letterhead to use when sending an email message. You can often import images to the letterhead to create headers and footers and to add a logo etc. This is something we call personalization. A process of personalizing your email experience and along with enhancing the experience of your email recipients. 

So we now have a new digital application called the "digital tagline" that can be added to your email program (as a signature) and then linked to just about anywhere you like. 

So what exactly is the "digital tagline?" 

The digital tagline represents an innovative usage of the domain name system. Allowing you to string together as many words as you like to create unique identifiers (words or phrases). 

Here are a few examples (remember these are also domain names as well as digital taglines):
all.about fitness

These digital taglines (or the like) could be added to the signature feature of your email program and then linked to just about anywhere you like on the Internet. Remember that with over a thousand new domain name extensions available now- there virtually unlimited opportunities for creative naming and linking. 

Some examples for linking from your digital tagline`:

web page
store or shop
social cause
political cause
political campaigns
sports teams
clubs and other groups etc.

A note regarding email usage. 

Despite popular rumor and legend. Email usage is still very popular and will continue to get bigger and bigger. 

According to a recent email statistics report by the Radicati Group:

Worldwide email use continues to grow at a healthy pace In 2015, the number of worldwide email users will be nearly 2.6 billion. By the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users will increase to over 2.9 billion. Over one  third  of the worldwide population will be using email by year end 2019.. In addition, all online transactions (i.e. shopping, banking, etc.) require a valid email address.
Over the next four years, the average number of email accounts per user ratio will grow from an average of 1.7 accounts per user to an average of 1.9 accounts per user. Though there is increased use of IM, social networking, and other forms of communication, email continues to show steady growth, as all IM, social networks and other services require users to have an email address to access their services.  
The number of worldwide email accounts is expected to continue to grow at a slightly faster pace than the number of worldwide email users, particularly Consumer email accounts, since many consumers tend to have multiple email accounts. 
So why would you care about the digital tagline? 

Because they provide two things that the Internet and much of social media and today's society craves. 

1.) Identification
2.) Linking

Here is an example of a digital tagline that you might see in one of our companies emails:

You can find our digital tagline registry @:  

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