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Friday, May 20, 2016

Where do you

By Duane J. Higgins, ceo
If you are a member of civilization and are capable of processing language then you know about domain names. That includes what domain names are basically for and what they basically do. Which is for identification (naming purposes) and to link/connect you to a website or other locations in the virtual world.

So what else can domain names do that hasn't been fully discovered or explored yet?

How about digital taglines and dot slogans?"

Digital taglines and dot slogans are an innovative application of the domain name that has unlimited potential in terms of identification and communication. Dot taglines can be formulated as a personal or commercial tagline or as a sentence. 

Digital taglines and dot slogans are domain names. They are also strings of words that can form any sentence or phrase that you like. 

With nearly 1000 new domain name extensions available the options for dot taglines are endless. A few examples of the new domain extensions are .top, .win, .club, .site, .bid, .link, .online, .party, .loan, .date, .vip, .website, .space, .tech, work, webcam, review, .trade, .rocks, .realtor, .one, .guru, .email, .today, .cloud, .racing and on and on. 

So for example the following are all active domain name taglines that link to our commercial tagline registry (

So where can digital taglines and dot slogans be used?

Here are a few options:

Within text or messaging apps
(or) for advertising purposes from anywhere you like. (ie. tagline ads, You Tube, etc.)

I will mention just a few more opportunities for linking from your dot tagline or dot slogan:

web page
your store or shop
social cause
political cause
political campaigns
sports teams
clubs and other groups etc.

Digital taglines and dot slogans also have the following uses and more:

Embedding in websites for marketing and SEO purposes (search engine optimization)
Traditional advertising
Digital advertising
Text and SMS marketing 
Email marketing

**(For more sample domain taglines please see prior blog post dated May 12, 2016 titled Tagline Technology: The Language of Domains
Our digital tagline registry (  supports an unlimited number of subdomains. That means you can string as many words together as you like.  

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