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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Digital Taglines and "Dot Slogans"

Duane Higgins, ceo and 

Digital taglines and dot slogans utilize the domain name system (DNS) to create memorable and impactful business and personal taglines. Domain strings that can be used for linking. Particularly useful in social media and for advertising and marketing purposes. 

Here are a few sample digital taglines and dot slogans (that could potentially be active domain names/links):
all.about fitness

These potential domain names/links would be what are called first, second and third level...etc... domain names. Something that can be easily created in your domain name administration panel with your registrar.   
A definition of the "tagline" from is here:

"A tagline (alternatively spelled tag line[1][2]) is a short text which serves to clarify a thought for or is designed with a form of, dramatic effect.

A recent company tweet of ours includes a dot tagline that links to our dot tagline and dot slogan registry:

Duane J. Higgins @cybrands 2h
Got digital taglines and "dot slogans"? 1000 new domain name extensions. Unlimited words. Unlimited options.@

With over 1000 new domain name extensions- there are unlimited opportunities for naming and branding.  Unlimited opportunities for words,  word usage and linking.

Our digital tagline and "dot slogan" registry is here: 

Or via  digital tagline @

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