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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Innovation in the Domain Name Space

By Duane J. Higgins, ceo
Domain Name Systems and

Innovation spurs innovation, which....spurs innovation which...

You get the point. 

One thousand new domain extensions recently added to the global mix has certainly had a tendency to spur innovations. Fantastic innovations are popping up in the news almost on a daily basis. Just a few recent projects of note include what are being done with the .buzz, .club and .city domain name extensions.  In addition, the .xyz extension has proved itself to become the largest and fastest growing of the new extensions. With over 6.2 million registrations to date.

More information on some of these sample innovations:

.Buzz Domains which from their website promotes to: Inspire others to think differently, that is the mission of our customers and one that we embrace. We are the .buzz domain registry, the home of the internet platform that fuels community interest, excitement, and new experiences. If you have an inspirational message to deliver, .buzz is the perfect stage to engage your audience.

.Club Domains, llc:   Which promotes itself as: The domain extension for the social world we live in.  The Internet has connected us in ways we never dreamed of.  Everyday, communities and groups are forming around every imaginable interest.  Whether a tribe of 2 or 2000, there’s never been a better, easier time for people to come together around a common passion.  There’s never been a better time to be a part of a club. Now you can get the perfect address – a URL that has meaning and marketing value… a URL that immediately tells the world you are about people sharing a common interest, whatever that passion may be.

DigitalTown -Provides an integrated search, community, and commerce platform for both web and  mobile devices. (utilizing the new .city domain name extension.) Also, Building and Managing Smart Cities."  The DigitalTown's hosted Smart City platform gives you the tools to become a state of the art smart city for mobile and web devices. LLC. From their website: XYZ was founded in 2011 in order to bring innovation and choice to internet users seeking a web presence. By connecting generations X, Y, Z we have given all age groups the opportunity to grow their projects, brands and businesses with new domain names.and far – an innovative new platform to connect with the world in a whole new way.  (Recent registration numbers from 06/13/16 show over 6,226,539 total registrations.) 

And finally Our own innovative domain registry which helps businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and utilize what we call "dot taglines" and "dot slogans" which utilize the domain name system (DNS) to create memorable and impactful business and personal taglines and slogans.  Domain strings that can be used for linking. Particularly useful in social media and for advertising and marketing purposes.

Our registry can be located at or via dot tagline @

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Dot Taglines" and "Dot Slogans"

Duane Higgins, ceo
Domain Name Systems and

"Dot taglines" and "dot slogans" utilize the domain name system (DNS) to create memorable and impactful business and personal taglines. Domain strings that can be used for linking. Particularly useful in social media and for advertising and marketing purposes. 

Here are a few sample dot taglines and dot slogans (that could potentially be active domain names/links):
all.about fitness

These potential domain names/links would be what are called first, second and third level...etc... domain names. Something that can be easily created in your domain name administration panel with your registrar.   
A definition of the "tagline" from is here:

"A tagline (alternatively spelled tag line[1][2]) is a short text which serves to clarify a thought for or is designed with a form of, dramatic effect.

A recent company tweet of ours includes a dot tagline that links to our dot tagline and dot slogan registry:

Duane J. Higgins @cybrands 2h
Got "dot taglines" and "dot slogans"? 1000 new domain name extensions. Unlimited words. Unlimited options.@

With over 1000 new domain name extensions- there are unlimited opportunities for naming and branding.  Unlimited opportunities for words,  word usage and linking.

Our "dot tagline" and "dot slogan" registry is here:

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Where do you

By Duane J. Higgins, ceo
If you are a member of civilization and are capable of processing language then you know about domain names. That includes what domain names are basically for and what they basically do. Which is for identification (naming purposes) and to link/connect you to a website or other locations in the virtual world.

So what else can domain names do that hasn't been fully discovered or explored yet?

How about "dot taglines" and dot slogans?"

Dot taglines and dot slogans are an innovative application of the domain name that has unlimited potential in terms of identification and communication. Dot taglines can be formulated as a personal or commercial tagline or as a sentence. 

Dot taglines and dot slogans are domain names. They are also strings of words that can form any sentence or phrase that you like. 

With nearly 1000 new domain name extensions available the options for dot taglines are endless. A few examples of the new domain extensions are .top, .win, .club, .site, .bid, .link, .online, .party, .loan, .date, .vip, .website, .space, .tech, work, webcam, review, .trade, .rocks, .realtor, .one, .guru, .email, .today, .cloud, .racing and on and on. 

So for example the following are all active domain name taglines that link to our commercial tagline registry (

So where can dot taglines and dot slogans be used?

Here are a few options:

Within text or messaging apps
(or) for advertising purposes from anywhere you like. (ie. tagline ads, You Tube, etc.)

I will mention just a few more opportunities for linking from your dot tagline or dot slogan:

web page
your store or shop
social cause
political cause
political campaigns
sports teams
clubs and other groups etc.

Dot taglines and dot slogans also have the following uses and more:

Embedding in websites for marketing and SEO purposes (search engine optimization)
Traditional advertising
Digital advertising
Text and SMS marketing 
Email marketing

**(For more sample domain taglines please see prior blog post dated May 12, 2016 titled Tagline Technology: The Language of Domains
Our dot tagline registry (  supports an unlimited number of subdomains. That means you can string as many words together as you like.  
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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tagline Technology: The Language of Domains

By Duane J. Higgins, ceo 

Domain Name Systems  and

There is a new domain name application that has potential to be truly explosive. Particularly in the areas of online advertising and business and personal identification.

What I'm referring to are:

dot taglines
tagline ads (and)
dot slogans 

I'd like to point a very interesting article in the New York Times  dated May 8, 2016 titled:

 "Ads Evolve Into New Forms as Media Landscape Shifts."

According to the article:

This explosion of online ads, however, has led to the rising use of ad blockers and turned “advertising” into something of a dirty word. So advertisers and publishers are now looking for ways to make online ads less like ads. Many in the industry are even changing the way they talk about ads. 

(Enter dot taglines, dot slogans and tagline ads.)

The impetus for this development of the "dot tagline" and "dot slogan" has been that the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is facilitating the ongoing release of upwards of 1000 new domain name extensions. First we had .com, .net, .org and a handful of other domain name extensions. We now have or will soon have .app, .blog, .buzz, .guru, .fun, .group, .fashion, .love, .music, .news, .deals, .play, .shop, .sport, .video, .web, .club, .design, .flowers, .cool, .tube and on and on.

From day one the Internet has been "aflutter" with methods and strategies used for location, identification, promotion and linking. From the individual to the corporation.  With the evolution of the Internet and how that medium is integrated into all of our lives- many identification techniques have been created over time. To name a few we have real names, user names. handles, email, screen names. aliases, domain names, web pages, urls, blog names, phone numbers and on and on.

So with the expanded opportunities for Internet domain name extensions available I wanted to talk about these new alternative and expanded uses for domain names: Dot taglines and dot slogans. 
The definition of the tagline from is here: In entertainment, a tagline (or tag line[1][2]) is a small amount of text which serves to clarify a thought for, or designed with a form of, dramatic effect. Many tagline slogans are reiterated phrases associated with an individual, social group, or product. As a variant of a branding slogan, taglines can be used in marketing materials and advertising.

Also from Wikipedia: A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used in a clan, political, commercial, religious, and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose.

Dot taglines and dot slogans are nothing more than creative use of the existing domain name system. Dot taglines and dot slogans utilize subdomains. Subdomains are extended versions of your domain name that you can forward to URLs or point to IP addresses.  Subdomains are nothing new. You will see many companies use them to indicate specialized sections of their website or for another purpose. Sub domains can easily be set up within the domain name administration panel. 

According to

A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain; the only domain that is not also a subdomain is the root domain.[1] For example, and are subdomains of the domain, which in turn is a subdomain of the com top-level domain (TLD).  

Here is an example of a dot tagline being used in a recent tweet: 

5m5 minutes ago

Tagline technology is here! Get yours @

Following are a few examples of "dot taglines" for demonstration purposes only.  Note the dots between each word.

Dot taglines and dot slogans are not limited to two words. Here are a few examples of longer ones:

You get the idea. With upwards of 1000 new domain name extensions currently being launched the possibilities are literally endless.
Expanded uses far beyond traditional domain names. 

The best way to think of a domain tagline is much like a Twitter handle. 

Only more like a phone number or email address.

The dot tagline or dot slogan affords the user opportunities for identification, branding, self expression and linking to other locations around the Internet.

I should note that the dot tagline or dot slogan is always a domain name. For example: and can be dot taglines. They are also domain names.
However, a domain name is not necessarily a dot tagline or dot slogan.

Dot taglines and dot slogans also have the following uses and more:

Embedding in websites for marketing and SEO purposes (search engine optimization)
Traditional advertising
Digital advertising
Text and SMS marketing 

We have begun experimentation with embedding dot taglines and dot slogans into our own websites. These taglines can serve as a stand alone entity (and be used for advertising purposes) or you can link from there to another location on your site or another site entirely.

And just a few opportunities for linking from the dot tagline or dot slogan:

web page 
Twitter page  
You Tube site 
your store or shop  
social cause  
political cause  
political campaigns 
sports teams 
clubs and other groups etc.

Dot taglines and dot slogans can also be used as an advertisement unto themselves (i.e. tagline ads).

It is very possible that the advent of adblocker apps will drive a shift towards more native advertising or sponsored posts (i.e. tagline ads). Whereas websites place advertorial style content in editorial posts with disclosure regarding what is paid for. Yes, the ad blocker apps are a direct attack on Googles  revenue platform. However, tagline ads could be the beneficiary of the ad block apps. Adblock apps and browsers don't block domain names. Domain name are integral to every website and location on the Internet. Domain names represent the addressing system of the Internet. 

Tagline ads can be a form of native advertising that encompasses the various channels and methods of advertising along with utility of use and economy of  use. (easy to use and economical).

The dot tagline or dot slogan can be used anywhere that a domain name could be used and anywhere that a hashtag could be used and beyond. (We all know what hashtags are. They provide a way for social media users to tag their posts with keywords, which in turn make it easier for social networks to organize the information and for users to search.)

Also, think of dot taglines and dot slogans being used in social media posts. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Remember the individual can use the tagline to then connect the tagline (string) to any other site or location. Because the dot tagline or dot slogan is actually a domain name. Or the dot tagline or dot slogan may be used as a user name or individual identifier.

Dot taglines and dot slogans can be used in the body of any sms/text message. Allowing the user to include their tagline in the body of the text and consequently link to where you choose (or not). Dot taglines can also be used for vanity email. For example:

Dot tagline and dot slogan vernacular can be integrated into everyday language just as the term "hashtag" is often used relating to social media posts. For example would be pronounced sleek (dot) style. would be yoga (dot) gal and on and on. Further integrating the use of taglines into popular media and culture.

You could of course buy, sell and trade dot taglines and dot slogans. Much like what is done with domain names. Domain name marketplaces are numerous and already designed to trade and deal in virtual taglines and dot slogans.

Remember that every dot tagline or dot slogan is unique. This gives the tagline unique value. Unique to you. Your brand. Your online identity. However you wanted to look at it and use it.  No two would be the same.  (by the way, the uniqueness is what makes domain names so valuable to begin with). The value is in the differentiation. The uniqueness. The originality. The unique value that can not be replicated. For example. is probably worth several million dollars. What do you think is worth? (note the misspelling) Virtually nothing. Those value differentiations could apply to taglines as well.

There will soon be 1000 new domain name extensions. Certain domain extensions would certainly be "grooved" for virtual tagline marketing. Some of those were listed above such as: .app, .blog, .best, .buzz, .guru, .group, .fashion, .love, .music, .news, .one, .deals, .play, .shop, .sport, .video, .web, .club, .design, .flowers, .green, .cool, .tube and on and on.

So I did find it more than interesting that on (May 11, 2015) when news came out in various news channels that Facebook is testing its own in-app search engine. An application that will allow users to post links in their status updates. Without having to visit Google or another search engine.  The way it works is that users will see an "add a link" option next to buttons to add photos or other information.  I'm sure Facebook will be providing more information on this potential Google killer as we move forward. As I have mentioned domain taglines are nothing more than links. Links that either identify yourself with an Internet identity or brand or carry you to another location on the Internet. Just as most other domain names do.

There is also a very interesting recent article (by Barry Swartz) found in Search Engine Land.  According to the article:

"Google Confirms New Experiment with Twitter in Search Results."

According to this article Google is expected to begin showing Twitter content in search this month.

Google is apparently finally making use of the new deal it signed with Twitter to put tweets into Google’s search results. The company confirmed a “small experiment” that some are seeing in the search results.

Is this "small experiment" the beginning of something big and potentially the impetus for dot taglines, dot slogans and tagline ads to ingrain themselves into Twitter, social media and popular culture?

I would like to note that there are no capital letters in dot taglines or dot slogans and there is a functional reason for this. 

This is from

The process of capitalizing letters at the beginning of words in email addresses and website addresses is known as Camel Notation. It provides a virtual cue to the beginning of each word which make the addresses easier to read.

With dot taglines and dot slogans the capitalization is not necessary. The dot (.) between each word provides all of the visual cues necessary for separation and clarity between the words.

If you are interested you may visit our dot tagline, dot slogan and  tagline ad registry here:

or one of our dot taglines @