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Monday, January 11, 2016

A New Take on Keyword Domain Names

By Duane J. Higgins, ceo and 

Keyword domain names have been around for a long time. Nearly as long as domain names themselves have been around. (The first registered domain name  was created on March 15, 1985).  

Keyword rich domain names are of course domain names that contain key "keywords" that can provide the user various advantages. 

We believe that with the release of upwards of 1000 new domain name extensions (such as .accountants, .agency, .bargains, .builders, .cafe, .beer, .best, .buzz, .care, .center, .cool, .direct, .email, .guide, .help, .jewelry, .life, .lawyer, link, .love, .money, .menu, .ninja, .pizza, .pub, .rentals and on and on). -That the concept of keyword domain names could take on a whole new look and feel. 

Here are some sample keyword domain names that I threw together. Note that with the use of "subdomains" that there is no limit to the number of dots that can be used between words and the number of words that can be used. 

(yes these are all domain names and can be used in search engine marketing, any form of advertising and any way that a standard domain name could be used.)

The way that the domain names are set up in your domain name administration panel is that you would purchase the original domain name such as You are then able to add the subdomains to the first and level domain names. 


*Keep in mind that I threw these above examples together in just about 5 minutes. I suspect that with some imagination and determination that far superior keyword domain names can be created and utilized in a very effective and successful fashion. 

A few reasons you may want to use your domain name as a keyword domain name,  virtual tagline or dot slogan:

  1. Keyword taglines can be more interesting than website or company names.
  2. The domain name for your primary website may not be that great. 
  3. Keyword taglines aid in comsumer recall.
  4. You can build custom landing pages.
  5. The keyword tagline can be used as a turnstile to track marketing.  
  6. Keywords are the foundation of your website content.
  7. Keywords help visitors understand the purpose of your page.
  8. Keywords help search engines understand the purpose of your page.

Our virtual tagline and keyword registry is here:

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