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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Did Facebook Just "Like" the Digital Tagline?

By Duane J. Higgins, ceo and

I have been posting for several weeks regarding some exciting and innovative uses for domain names. As I had mentioned previously the key to adoption for the digital taglines and "dot slogans" will be integration into social media.

So I did find it more than interesting yesterday (May 11, 2015) when news came out in various news channels that Facebook is testing its own in-app search engine. An application that will allow users to post links in their status updates. Without having to visit Google or another search engine.  The way it works is that users will see an "add a link" option next to buttons to add photos or other information.  I'm sure Facebook will be providing more information on this little Google killer as we move forward.

So as I have mentioned digital taglines and dot slogans are nothing more than links. Links that either identify yourself with an Internet identity or brand or carry you to another location on the Internet. Just as most other domain names do.

So again here are a sample digital tagline .

Our digital tagline and dot slogan registry is here:

Who will be the early adopters?

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