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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why Digital Taglines and Dot Slogans?

By Duane J. Higgins, ceo and 

In a prior post titled "Mobile Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and ... Domain Names." I speculated that "there may be a time in the coming years where the question of "what's your domain name?" will be as common as the oft repeated questions of yesteryear such as "what's your email address?" or "what's your mobile phone number? 

So I wanted to elaborate further as to how we could potentially get to that point in the future  (where we all own a domain name or more than one)?

To start off I wanted to refer you to an article (by Barry Swartz) found this week in Search Engine Land. According to the article:

"Google Confirms New Experiment with Twitter in Search Results."

According to this article Google is expected to begin showing Twitter content in search this month.

Since, I have been discussing new and innovative uses of domain names recently with digital taglines and dot slogans. I wanted to start with what a digital tagline is to start with. Here is a copy of my last Tweet that included a digital tagline:

Duane J. Higgins @cybrands is our domain name registry and reseller platform. Specializing in digital taglines and dot slogans.

The tagline ( is highlighted in the example.

Here is a digital tagline to our partner/reseller site:

What about digital tagline usage in  Facebook? Instagram? You Tube? Search Engines (especially with voice recognition) etc.?   

Are we on the ground floor of something really big?

I just wanted to ask a simple question as to how can digital taglines be used for effectiveness?

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